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Digital Cinema

Scott McQuire Millennial dreams As anybody inspired by film culture knows, the most recent decade has seen a blast of declarations concerning the eventual fate of film. Many are fuelled by exposed mechanical determinism, bringing about whole-world destroying situations in which film either experiences advanced resurrection to develop more impressive than any time in recent memory in the new thousand years, or is underestimated by a scope of ‘new media’ which definitely incorporate a broadband computerized pipe equipped for conveying full screen ‘cinema quality’ pictures on request to home consumers.The reality that the doubleedged probability of advanced renaissance or demise by bytes has harmonized with festivities of the ‘centenary of cinema’ wants to ponder all the more extensively the historical backdrop of film as a social and social establishment. It has additionally met with a noteworthy change of film history, wherein the centrality of à ¢â‚¬Ëœnarrative’ as the essential class for joining records of the mechanical, the monetary and the tasteful in film hypothesis, has gotten subject to new questions.Writing in 1986 Thomas Elsaesser joined the revisionist venture concerning ‘early cinema’ to cinema’s possible downfall: ‘A new enthusiasm for its beginnings is advocated by the very reality that we may be seeing the end: motion pictures on the big screen could before long be the special case as opposed to the rule’. 1 obviously, Elsaesser’s hypothesis, which was to a great extent driven by the deregulation of TV broadcasting in Europe related to the rise of new innovations, for example, video, link and satellite during the 1980s, has been repudiated continuously long film blast in the multiplexed 1990s. It has additionally been tested from another course, as the monster screen ‘experience’ of huge configuration film has been somewhat out of the blue changed fro m a piece player into a forthcoming power. Be that as it may, in a similar article, Elsaesser raised another issue which has kept on reverberating in resulting discusses: Scott McQuire, ‘Impact Esthetics: Back to the Future in Digital Cinema? ‘, Convergence: The Journal of Research into New Media Technologies, vol. 6, no. 2, 2000, pp. 41-61.  © Scott McQuire. All rights reserved.Deposited to the University of Melbourne ePrints Repository with consent of Sage Publications . 2 Few chronicles completely address the topic of why story turned into the main impetus of film and whether this may itself be liable to change. Today the achievement, of SF as a class, or of executives like Steven Spielberg whose stories are just compilation pieces from fundamental film plots, propose that account has somewhat been a reason for the fireworks of IL;M. 3 Concern for the death, in the event that not of film in essence, at that point of story in film, is across the board in the present. In the ongoing uncommon ‘digital technology’ issue of Screen, Sean Cubitt noticed a ‘common instinct among commentators, pundits and researchers that something has changed in the idea of film †something to do with the rot of natural account and execution esteems for the characteristics of the blockbuster’. 4 Lev Manovich has adjusted the prevalence of ‘blockbusters’ with ‘digital cinema’ by characterizing the last for the most part as far as expanded visual enhancements: ‘A noticeable indication of this move is the new job which PC created embellishments have come to play in the Hollywood business in the last not many years.Many late blockbusters have been driven by embellishments; benefiting from their popularity’. 5 In his investigation of Hollywood’s regularly on edge portrayal of the internet in movies, for example, The Lawn Mower Man (1992), Paul Young contends that ‘cyberphobic films overemphasi ze the intensity of the visual in their dependence on computerized innovation to deliver exhibition to the detriment of narrative’, and includes this is ‘a outcome that [Scott] Bukatman has contended is dormant in all extraordinary effects’. An increasingly extraordinary (yet in any case normal) see is communicated by producer Jean Douchet: ‘[Today] film has surrendered the reason and the intuition behind individual shots [and narrative], for pictures †rootless, textureless pictures †intended to brutally intrigue by continually expanding their staggering qualities’. 7 ‘Spectacle’, it appears, is winning the war against ‘narrative’ up and down the line.Even a short factual examination uncovers that ‘special effects’ driven movies have delighted in huge late achievement, gathering a normal of over 60% of the worldwide income taken by the best 10 movies from 1995-1998, contrasted with a normal of 30% over the past four years. 8 Given that the extent of film industry income taken by the main 10 movies has held consistent or expanded somewhat with regards to a quickly extending absolute market, this shows a bunch of enhancements films are producing colossal incomes each year.While such figures don’t offer a complete image of the film business, not to mention uncover which films which will apply enduring social impact, they do offer a depiction of contemporary social taste refracted through studio showcasing financial plans. Coupled to the ongoing notoriety of paracinematic structures, for example, huge organization and uncommon setting films, the recharged accentuation on ‘spectacle’ over ‘narrative’ proposes another conceivable end-game for 3 inema: not the every now and again forecasted purging of theaters made excess by the blast of locally situated review (TV, video, the web), however a change from inside which delivers a film done taking after its (account) self, yet something very other. Supplementing these discussions over conceivable true to life prospects is the way that any go to marvelous film ‘rides’ can likewise be considered as an arrival †regardless of whether renaissance or relapse is less clear †to a previous worldview of film-production broadly named the ‘cinema of attraction’ by Tom Gunning.Gunning quite a while in the past flagged this feeling of return when he remarked: ‘Clearly in some sense ongoing exhibition film has re-confirmed its foundations in upgrade and jubilee rides, in what may be known as the Spielberg-Lucas-Coppola film of effects’. 9 For Paul Arthur, improvements during the 1990s underline the point: The approach of Imax 3-D and its future possibilities, pair with the more extensive strains of a New Sensationalism, give an event to draw a few associations with the early history of film and the intermittent argument between the supremacy of the vi sual and, for absence of a superior term, the tangible. 0 In what follows here, I need to additionally think about the circles and touches of these discussions, less with the terrific aspiration of settling them, yet initially of adding some various voices to the conversation †especially the voices of those associated with film creation. 11 My goal isn't to lift experimentation over hypothesis, however to advance exchange between various areas of film culture which meet very seldom, and, all the while, to scrutinize the somewhat limited terms wherein ‘digital cinema’ has often entered late hypothetical debates.Secondly, I need to consider the connection among ‘narrative’ and ‘spectacle’ as it is showed in these discussions. My anxiety is that there is by all accounts a peril of confounding various directions â€, for example, cinema’s on-going endeavors to differentiate its ‘experience’ from that of local amusement ad vances, and the go to blockbuster misuse procedures â€and conflating them under the heading of ‘digital cinema’.While computerized innovation unquestionably crosses with, and altogether covers these turns of events, it is in no way, shape or form co-broad with them. ‘Spectacular sounds’: film in the computerized area Putting aside the unavoidable promotion about the transformation of Hollywood into ‘Cyberwood’, in the same way as other others I am persuaded that advanced innovation comprises a significant upset in film, fundamentally as a result of its ability to cut over every one of the 4 areas of the business all the while, influencing film creation, story shows and crowd experience.In this regard, the main satisfactory perspective for the profundity and degree of current changes are the changes which occurred with the presentation of synchronized sound during the 1920s. In any case, while the basic level at which change is happening is b roadly remembered, it has been examined principally regarding the effect of CGI (PC created imaging) on the film picture. A more creation situated methodology would in all probability start somewhere else; with what Philip Brophy has contended is among ‘the most neglected parts of film hypothesis and analysis (both present day and postmodern strands)’ †sound. 2 A concise flick through ongoing articles on advanced film affirms this disregard: Manovich finds ‘digital cinema’ exclusively in an authentic genealogy of moving pictures; none of the articles in the ongoing Screen dossier notice sound, and even Eric Faden’s ‘Assimilating New Technologies: Early Cinema, Sound and Computer Imaging’ just uses the presentation of synchronized sound as a verifiable relationship for talking about the contemporary impact of CGI on the film image13. While not so much startling, this quietness is still to some degree urprising, given the way that com puterized sound innovation was received by the film business far prior and more extensively than was CGI. What's more, in any event until the mid 1990s with films like Terminator 2 (1991) and Jurassic Park (1993), the impact on crowd experience was apparently far more noteworthy than was di

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Finite Element Method Fuse Protection Design-Myassignmenthelp.Com

Question: Examine About The Finite Element Method Fuse Protection Design? Answer: Introducation 1A. There are numerous sorts of archives that are utilized in a business association. These records could incorporate spreadsheets, databases, letters, notices, faxes, pamphlets, gifts to the representatives, flyers, show materials, reports, venture reports, deals reports, yearly reports, plans, strategies, methodology, fiscal summaries, solicitations, charges, orders, tables, bulletins, motivation, minutes and handouts. The archives depend on the kind of exercises, the undertakings and the exercises makes the requirements for documentation. For instance, if in the association there is have to advise the workers with respect to a specific gathering that will be held in a specific day, at that point there will be requirement for drafting notification, updates or brochures for the representatives, correspondingly there is prerequisite for drafting marketing chart and undertaking reports. At the point when new workers join any association, numerous documentation conventions are done, th e new representatives are given joining letter, worker gifts that comprises of code and direct of the association and different archives identified with the arrangements of the association (Mihai-Adrian et al. 2017). The data innovation of an association helps a great deal in structuring of the archives and their items. Directly practically all the associations use PC innovation for planning of all the significant records, similar to the notification, brochures, reminders, there are numerous virtual products that help in structuring reports for business association. Layouts are accessible online which makes it simpler for record structuring and creation, arrangement of business letters, notification, fliers and the configuration of all association related archives are accessible on the web. Printers and fax machines are utilized for taking out the printed copies of the structured archives. Xerox machines are utilized to make the copies of the archives that are to be coursed among the representatives. Scanners are utilized to change over the printed copies of the records into delicate duplicates which can be additionally flowed through electronic sends. Associations need to make their logos and bu siness cards. Record plan and organization relies upon the sort of movement for which the report is to be structured, for authoritative archives, for the most part an alternate sort of papers are utilized for planning authoritative reports, papers with elastic stamps are utilized for drafting understandings, agreements and the various archives that have lawful criticalness. All the reports are required to have the logo of the association, with the stamp and mark of the Managing Director of the association. As indicated by the present pattern Darwin Information Typing Architecture a model of XML information which is utilized for composing, DITA will be administering the documentation area even later on. Different instruments that are foreseen to be utilized later on that will help the essayists in making and filing archives in .XML arrangement to PDF/DOC/other praser position so the records can be introduced at whatever point and in at all way required. Future clients may need record s to be altered. The authors influence the client experience due to the UI and the client plan (Mihai-Adrian et al. 2017). Five kinds of reports required for business associations are Strategy is a significant report that the entrepreneur is required to compose, the records contains the objectives, targets, the executives plan, advertising systems and the money related spending plan. Strategy likewise incorporates vital objectives of the association. This report is drafted to start with when the association is being set up, for the initial five years, this archive goes about as the outline for the business activities (Wilson 2014). As indicated by the organization of field-tested strategy, it comprise of official synopsis, which is the preview of the field-tested strategy, it speaks to the organization profile and the objectives of the business. Next component is organization depiction, which gives data about the business, the remarkable highlights that the business gives in the business that separates it from different organizations. Market investigation report is remembered for the field-tested strategy, advertise examination and research is done before the business is begun and a report of market investigation is remembered for the field-tested strategy. Association and the board related data, data with respect to the administration and the product offering of the association, procedures and data identified with the promoting and the deals of the business. In the event that any subsidizing is raised from outside, the marketable strategy ought to incorporate the financing demand data. Money related projection s are significant for coming down assets and this ought to be remembered for the draft of field-tested strategy. The last piece of the marketable strategy is Appendix, it is utilized for including extra data like, continues, allows and rents (Wilson 2014). Bookkeeping Documents Another significant archive for any business are the bookkeeping reports, bookkeeping records tracks all the exchanges of the business associations, buys, deals, salary and costs all are recorded on regular routine. Bookkeepers gives bills to the clients, they make month to month spending plans for the different branches of the organization, the bookkeepers compose the yearly monetary reports for the financial specialists and investors of the organization. Money related spending plans, reports are commonly long however the solicitations are not excessively much long (Wilson 2014). Business reports Business reports are different business archives, which are of 10 to 100 pages, it very well may be the yearly marketing chart, yearly spending reports and update reports of the showcasing division which is made on month to month premise (Thill and Bove 2013). Client support reports Organizations selling administrations incorporates certain archives like, guarantee related reports, client manual for the clients, that incorporates data in regards to the application strategy for the item (Thill and Bove 2013). Operational archive Operational archives are fundamentally data that are composed on day by day, week by week and month to month premise, meeting minutes, venture recommendations about the inward and outer exercises that business must carryout, are a portion of the instances of operational records (Thill and Bove 2013). No I don't concur that Organizational data, financial plan, assets and innovation prerequisites are not should have been engaged while setting up the norms for reports utilized in the association, since all these data and variables are required, they structure the reason for building up the gauges that are required for the business. Every one of these subtleties will be required to set the norms, documentation varies and relies upon the crowd it has been drafted for and the occasion for which documentation is done (Wilson 2014). The three records that have been made from a standard reports are Business letters Business letters have a standard arrangement, or can be said that the business letters have standard format, the components of the layout contains heading, date, subject, welcome, body and shutting segment. Business letters are utilized for an assortment of purposes, it very well may be kept in touch with the clients as an answer to their questions, it tends to be sent to the providers for the gracefully related inquiries. Business letters are formal kind of letters that are utilized in an association with the end goal of correspondence (Tsun and Nikfarjam 2014). Notification additionally utilized standard configuration, the format of notification contain heading, sees don't have welcome, address isn't required in the notification the most significant piece of the Notice is the heading, it ought to be planned in a way with the goal that it can effectively draw consideration of the workers or the individuals for whom the notification has been structured. Notification are for the most part imprinted in the paper and set in the notification leading body of any association (Thill and Bove 2013). Pamphlets are enlightening papers that are utilized by any association for giving data identified with the association or any item related data, in instructive associations handouts are utilized for giving data about the organization and furthermore have significant standards and guidelines. Handouts are standard report that are utilized to give data to the clients generally. Leaflets are single overlay, bi-crease or it be planned with different overlap according to the prerequisite of the data, the length of the data (Springer, Cham. May and May 2014). Indeed, every one of the components satisfies the target they are intended for. They configuration utilized for the records is extremely fitting, the target of the message is obvious from the subject segment itself, the body of the notification and business letters explains the message all the more plainly. The body part give the data about the purpose behind the message or the report (Sen et al. 2014). Business letter for the clients Our organization has chosen to open an online entrance for our clients to book taxis on the web. In light of the examination we directed, reviews and inputs from our clients we came to realize that clients are thinking that its hard to books taxis, a portion of our clients likewise recommended that online entrance will be an entirely reasonable answer for this issue. In light of the recommendations we have made our online entrance, where the clients can proceed to book taxis on the web, they can enter their area and the taxi will pick them from their area and drop them to their ideal area. A preparing charge will be charged on all the appointments that will add up to $10. I might want to advise every one of our clients about the new office of online site and welcome them to utilize this administration be profited by the administration by simply paying $12 handling charge. The archives that will be utilized for giving preparing to the lesser workers will be Pamphlets are records that are utilized to give data; the leaflets for the preparation program will be made to pr

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Helpful Informative Essay Writing Guidelines and Strategies

Helpful Informative Essay Writing Guidelines and Strategies Students write informative essays to educate readers about their chosen topics. To write a good one, you need to know a lot about your subject and use information in a clear manner. If this assignment seems overwhelming, take small steps and work methodically to make it easier and succeed. Get a better understanding of how to write an informative essay and earn good grades. Informative essay: definition All students write this type of paper. To get a better insight of its concept, you need to know its definition. Any informative essay is a piece of academic writing that educates the targeted audience about a particular topic. It shouldn’t be argumentative or persuasive. Its final goal is to ensure that readers learn something interesting and new. Your informative essay should compare controversial viewpoints about a given subject. How to write an informative essay Research is an important part of essay writing, and it’s all about your smooth and systematic investigation of both primary and secondary resources to give strong facts of your specified issue. Use the Internet to find useful information because it takes less time, effort, and nerves. How to handle research process When studying available sources of information, write down their dates of publishing, how relevant their facts are, and if the authority accredited them. You should exclude any sources that offer opinions on the chosen matter, such as critical articles and reviews. Pay attention to primary sources, such as: Academic journals and print newspapers; Books and e-books; Official reports and scientific magazines; Documentaries and movies; Accredited sites and research papers. Find and use only facts and put direct or indirect quotes with special marks and narrowed references in parentheticals to give corresponding proofs in your informative essay. Take notes to highlight major ideas because your basic goal is to inform the audience. Save time by providing detailed descriptions and facts instead of persuading readers that your stance is right while opponents are wrong. Format reference in academic essay writing Everything that you quote from both primary and secondary sources of information should be references properly. It’s possible to do that with endnotes and footnotes, or you can put brackets at the end of quotes or sentences with them. Whatever referencing method you choose, use it throughout your informative essay and stick to the right format. There are different referencing formats to choose from, including APA, MLA, and others. Read assignment guidelines or talk to your teachers to choose the right one. Informative essay examples Informative papers are difficult academic assignments for some students because explaining specific concepts may take more critical thinking than they expect. That’s why they end up submitting a poor-written essay and getting poor grades for this effort. If you don’t want to have the same problem, use informative essay examples to avoid common pitfalls and get detailed guides. Informative essay outline All informative essays are written in a standard style, and this means that they consist of body paragraphs, concluding and introductory sections: The introduction presents a major argument in an interesting and exciting manner; Body paragraphs support a thesis; The conclusion wraps up information and explains its significance. Informative essay introduction This paragraph should start with an intriguing hook statement to grab readers’ attention. Ensure that it’s relevant to the chosen topic by using an informative rhetorical question. Give any background context that others should understand while reading your paper. Your thesis is the last sentence of the introduction, and you need to construct it correctly. Informative essay body paragraphs writing The main body should defend your thesis. Each paragraph should start with a topic sentence. Don’t forget to create smooth transitions and link such sentences to the main point of your essay. Include target points that you must prove and their supporting details or outside validations that enrich your thesis. After introducing topic sentences, make a claim or a major argument. The quality of your informative essay depends on how well it defends your thesis, so each claim should be strong enough. Next, introduce your reliable evidence to validate it. For example, you can take quotes from some reputable documents, such as articles or journals. Present an explanation of your claim or display how it proves your thesis. To gain more validation points, feel free to go into more depth without presenting too much information. To conclude body paragraphs, write a special sentence that offers an overall synopsis of your presented arguments. Its key purpose is to display assertiveness and prove that your stance is correct. This sentence provides your informative essay with more strength while making your thesis look sharp. Write an informative essay conclusion After giving all major arguments, it’s time to wrap up your paper. Its conclusion should restate your thesis while sharing final insights and thoughts on the chosen topic. Explain it in other words and give enough room for smooth transitions. That’s because you need to restate an impact of every argument. To finish your informative essay effectively, come up with a strong concluding statement, which serves as a brief explanation of the importance of your arguments. Explain why your informative essay is valuable and where it can be applied. Good informative essay topics If teachers don’t assign a topic for your informative paper, you can choose your own subject. Many students are stuck on this step, especially if they have many options to choose from. Take enough time and follow helpful guidelines to make the right choice. Ensure that your chosen topic is neither too narrow nor too broad. You should have enough facts about it to write about without making your paper a novel. Your topic should be interesting and attractive to the targeted audience. Look for something that interests you to make the entire essay writing process more pleasant and beneficial. Sometimes, tutors may require speeches or presentations that come along with your informative paper. That’s why you should choose the topic interesting to many people and ensure that you can explain it clearly. 15 top informative essay topics If you have problems with choosing a good topic for your informative essay, take a look at these top examples. The main trick is to select the general subject that your audience will relate to and narrow it down to a certain angle to ensure that the data you offer won’t be any common knowledge. The origin of the mankind; Traces of proto-language in modern languages; The main reason behind procrastination; Artificial intelligence; Reasons and causes for any addiction; Why do people see dreams? Maximizing financial effectiveness; The origin of the universe; The history of human rights; How does the Internet work? How do 3D glasses work? Nanotechnology; The origin of any language; Legalization of drugs; How do you think pizza is made? Informative essay topics for college students If you’re stuck at choosing a good topic for your paper, check this list of suitable ideas for college students: Different types of pollution; Modern ecological issues; Why a healthy diet is so important; Plastic surgery in the modern medical world; The negative consequences of eating fast food; Domestic violence; How people can protect the wild nature; The history if the automotive industry; The Internet is the revolutionary invention; Slow food is a new trend; Basic trends in alternative medicine; How to overcome regular stress; The history of social networks; The dangers of regular smoking; Leading a healthy lifestyle. Informative essay topics for middle school Your family member that you want to be line and look up to; Your favorite toy that you still can’t let go of; What is your favorite book and why? What sports do you like? Describe basic rules; What is a computer and how does it work? What is your favorite dish and how do you suppose it’s cooked? Who were the founding fathers of America? What is the movie that you absolutely hate? Why do you dislike it that much? Describe the first successful space exploration mission; Why is discipline important in the life of any student? A woman you idolize and reasons to do that; Tell readers more about a butterfly’s lifespan; The First World War and its harsh consequences; The developments and history of the monarchy. Relatively easy informative essay topics Effective ways to find a way out of legal situations; Basic things that all business startups must take into account; Methods to get rid of a drug addiction; General information about gun control; Basic causes and treatments of child obesity; Bullying in modern schools; Will people ever be able to clone human beings? Do preventive disciplinary measures in modern schools help teachers improve students’ behavior? Deforestations and its harmful effects; Specific traits that make people with bipolar disorder stand out. If you still face any difficulties at any stage of your informative essay writing process, don’t hesitate to turn to professionals who know what to do and how to help you earn higher grades with ease.

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The Anthem For The Civil Rights Movement - 2037 Words

â€Å"We Shall Overcome† by Peter Seeger, many would describe to be the anthem for the Civil Rights Movement or 1960s Civil Rights Movement (sometimes referred to as the African-American Civil Rights Movement although the term African American was not widely used in the 1950s and 1960s). It encompasses social movements in the United States whose goals were to end racial segregation and discrimination against African Americans and to secure legal recognition and federal protection of the citizenship rights enumerated in the Constitution and federal law. During this period many folk and blues artistes’ music were protest songs, to speak out against the justice of Blacks and other unconstitutional acts. These music not only protested the injustice but it brought together people of all ethnicity/race, social class and regions, in solidarity to form a major campaigns of civil resistance. The conventional protest melodies in the United States goes way beyond the nineteen cent ury and into the colonial period, the American Revolutionary War and the corollary. In the nineteenth century topical subjects for protest songs included abrogation, subjugation, destitution, and the Civil War among different subjects. In the twentieth century civil liberties, women s rights, financial injustice, governmental issues and war were among the well-known subjects for protest songs. This paper will explore the protest song â€Å"We Shall Overcome† and its impact on the civil rights movement and theShow MoreRelatedPersuasive Essay On The Kneeling Movement1437 Words   |  6 PagesStar-Spangled Banner has been instilled in almost every citizen in America as the National Anthem. It is ingrained that every person should show respect to the flag and the nation. In almost every classroom, students are told to stand facing the American flag with a hand over their heart and recite the pledge, or during any sporting, event fans are asked to stand to face the flag as a gues t performer sings the National Anthem. This is an American tradition that everyone is expected to follow. However, whatRead MoreThe North And The South1257 Words   |  6 Pagesabolitionists encouraged a Civil War through their actions of protest. Abolitionists foresaw a Civil War because the growing tensions between the North and the South became apparent in political and social changes, slavery issues, and the growing occurrence of rebellions. Political and social changes occurred in many ways. One example of a social change includes The Second Great Awakening. As a result, the massive religious movement caused a numerous amount of reform movements such as abolitionism, publicRead MoreOutline Of A Speech On Civil Rights916 Words   |  4 Pagesnamed during the Civil War, fought during the 1960s, and is still lingering in modern society. C. I’m not African American, but I am an ally; I have friends and loved ones who are African American, and I cannot stand by and watch people die. D. This speech is about civil inequality in the 1960s, the importance of standing up against it, and how discrimination is still very much woven into the fabric of our society today. II. Body of Presentation A. In the 1960s, civil rights became an increasinglyRead MoreDon t Criticize What You Can t Understand1084 Words   |  5 Pagesculture. As a protest singer growing up in a racially tense time affected by the Vietnam War, he was heavily influenced by his background and the social issues of his time. He rose to prominence from â€Å"Blowin’ in the Wind† (which became an enduring anthem) and many other songs that influenced the young generation of the 1960s. Bob Dylan’s interest for music started from a young age. Born on May 24, 1941 as Robert Allen Zimmerman, he started writing poems at age ten (Jarnow). By the time he was a teenagerRead MoreThe American National Anthem By Francis Scott1075 Words   |  5 PagesBanner†). This symbolism of the strength of the American Flag, reflected upon in Keys’ lyrics, became the National Anthem a century later (Klein); and is still respectively sung today. The American National Anthem provokes images of glory, pride, family, and the American Dream in the minds of those who take part in singing. Athletic events are associated with the pride of the national anthem. Fans sing to pay respect and honor American soldiers: without soldiers fighting citizens would not have the freedomRead MoreJim Crow Essay1310 Words   |  6 PagesFrom 1877 throughout 1950 Jim Crow Laws have played a disturbing role in the lives of African American people. Although Jim Crow Laws were dismantled in th e 1950’s, its legacy continues to discriminate against African Americans and as a result, movements that fight against hate continue to surface. The purpose of Jim Crow laws was to separate black and white people from even the slightest bit of contact. In the early 1800’s white people believed blacks only existed to be put to work. They felt asRead MoreBlues Music Is Still Based On Emotional Pain914 Words   |  4 Pagescommunity, and encouraged his people to stand up for their rights. The 60’s were a tumultuous time for race relations in America, and this song became an anthem for the black power movement. I feel this song is a representation of blues music because James Brown uses this song for a more than just entertainment. He uses it as an inspiration to help black Americans to rise out of their dark times of segregation and fight for their rights. Brown’s intension for this song was a positive message to blackRead MoreEssay On Kneeling And The National Anthem1401 Words   |  6 Pages Kneeling to the National Anthem On September 21st, Christine Brennan reported Colin Kaepernick’s refusal to stand while the national anthem was being played in National Public Radio’s (NPR) online portal ( All through the National Football League s preseason matches, Colin Kaepernick, a quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers, refused to stand for the national anthem. He clarified that he took this stance to point out what he sees as wrongdoings against African-Americans and differentRead MoreThe Movie The Star Spangled Banner 1991 Words   |  8 Pagescitizens to honor their country and reflect on the great liberties that they are afforded. It sounds simple but the anthem has become complicated. This is America 2016, a time where police officers are getting away with murder and a businessman is elected as our president. When the quarterback of the San Francisco 49ers Colin Kaepernick decided to not stand for the playing of the national anthem in the pre-season game of the NFL, he was the first athlete to vividly illustrate his outrage over the policeRead MoreMusic That Made The Movement1495 Words   |  6 Pages Music that Made the Movement The United States is a country which was formed by the hard work of the First Nations people, the British, and African Americans. Unfortunately, blacks were subjected to slavery. In the 1900’s blacks were becoming more discontented, thus began the emergence of the civil rights movement. Along with rallies and peaceful protests, music played a very important role in bringing change to a society where white supremacy reigned. In addition to their efforts, jazz and blues

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Comparing Chinese Culture in Amy Tans The Joy Luck Club...

Chinese Culture Exposed in Joy Luck Club and Kitchen Gods Wife Traditional Chinese customs are described in great detail in Amy Tans books. This rich culture adds interesting and mesmerizing detail to the intricate stories of both The Joy Luck Club and The Kitchen Gods Wife. Traditions are apparent throughout all of the stories in The Joy Luck Club. One of the first instances is in the story from Ying-Ying St. Clair entitled The Moon Lady. Ying-Ying is describing the Festival of the Moon Lady, a festival dedicated to the lady who lives on the moon and once a year comes down to earth to grant your secret wish--something you want but cannot ask. This excerpt describes proper traditional dress (ornate clothing†¦show more content†¦Tyan-yu would be the leftover of his fathers spirit. But his father lived and his grandmother became scared that the ghosts would turn their attention to this baby boy and take him instead. So they watched him carefully, made all his decisions, and he became very spoiled (44). This passage shows that Tyan-yu is a spoiled baby who is selfish. It also shows that an unhappy marriage is in the cards for Lindo. Later, as she approaches the age of twelve, she is sent to live with Huang Taitai and Tyan-yu to become accustomed to their lifestyle and learn to be a good wife. She lives like this, unhappy, for four years until she turns sixteen. When she reaches the proper age, the wedding is planned. Lindo says Huang Taitai made elaborate plans, but our wedding was very small. She had asked the entire village and friends and family from other cities as well. In those days, you didnt do RSVP. It was not polite not to come...The cook and her helpers prepared hundreds of dishes. My familys old furniture had been shined up into an impressive dowry and placed in the front parlor...Huang Taitai had even commissioned someone to write felicitous messages on red banners...And she had arranged to rent a red palaquin to carry me from her neighbors house to the ceremony (52). The last tradition that is described in great detail in this story is that of the red candle. This was a traditional wedding custom. The candle had two ends

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Alcoholism Culturally Free Essays

Alcoholism can be defined in accordance to three distinct dimensions. Culturally, alcoholism is defined as a form of deviant drinking behavior that falls outside what culture perceives as the acceptable limits of alcohol consumption. This means that in some societies alcoholic behavior may be viewed as normative as opposed to cultural; perceptions in another society. We will write a custom essay sample on Alcoholism Culturally or any similar topic only for you Order Now Behaviorally, alcoholism assumes definitions that distinct between alcohol use, misuse and abuse. In this context alcohol misuse denotes the expression of adverse consequences of alcohol use. Alcohol abuse is definitive of a pattern of chronic and excessive alcohol consumption the effects of which express themselves as adverse physical, social and or behavioral consequences. Physiologically, alcoholism is defined with respect to alcohol addiction, habituation or dependence. Despite this diversity of definitions only the medical definition of alcoholism offers a succinct distinction as it relies on both the behavioral and physiologically based definitions(Steinglass, 31). Alcoholism can thus be defined as an addictive dependency on alcohol induced craving accompanied by loss of control, complete physical dependence on alcohol and withdrawal symptoms Medically therefore alcoholism is understood to be a product of alcohol abuse and alcohol dependence. Alcoholism is caused by grossly intricate, complex, interconnected and interrelated psychological, physiological, social and genetic factors (Kansal Kamal 1). Usually a variety of factors lead to the development of alcoholism. Social factors include the influence of friends, peers, family, the availability of alcohol, and the perceptions of the society. Psychological factors include inadequate coping mechanisms, elevated stress levels, and reinforcement of the use of alcohol from other drinkers. There is also a growing controversy over evidences that alcoholism may be caused by biologic and genetic predispositions (Powell 24). Recent genetic studies have confirmed that when D2 dopamine receptor gene is passed on from the parents to the siblings in a specific form, chances of developing alcoholism are enhanced. Alcohol addiction or rather physical dependence on alcohol follows a gradual drinking pattern. With every pint of alcohol consumed the balance of chemicals in the brain like gamma aminobutyric acid which is responsible for the inhibition of impulsiveness, and another neurochemical glutamate which is responsible for nervous system excitation, are altered. Alcohol raises dopamine levels in the brain hence creating the pleasurable feeling that is usually associated with alcohol consumption. With time, excessive alcohol consumption depletes or increases the levels of such neurochemicals. The resultant effect is that a level of craving is created where an individual will have to additively consume alcohol to restore good feelings or degenerate into withdrawal symptoms. Based on studies comparing the size of amygdala, researchers have been able to significantly correlate the size of amygdala and the addiction process. Because the size of amygdala is inherited and that it is home to neurotransmitters, it may contain the link between alcoholism and psychological predisposing factors such as stress and anxiety. It is also postulated that inheritance of a dysfunction in serotonin transmission my be to blame for the degree of alcohol tolerance. Since serotonin is involved in well being behaviors such as eating, relaxing, sleeping as well as aggressive and impulsive behaviors any dysfunction in its transmission is bound to predispose an individual to alcoholism. Factors that contribute to the addiction process can be sub categorized as; genetic factors, emotional state factors, physiological factors, and socio-cultural factors. Genetic factors may cause an individual to develop a degree of vulnerability. This vulnerability is caused by an imbalance in neurochemicals. Emotional state factors can either be stress, emotional pain or anxiety. These factors predispose a one to engage in alcohol consumption as a means of blanketing out undesirable emotions. Some hormones that are responsible for the development of stress, anxiety and depression have also been incriminated in the progression to alcoholism. Socio-cultural factors play a very important role in the development of alcoholism. Some cultures perceive alcohol as a rite of adulthood or manliness. In such culture the media has been instrumental in glamorizing the consumption of alcohol through catchy phrasals and visuals. Such adverts which are obviously aimed at increasing the profitability of the sponsor mislead a huge chunk of the general populace in thinking that excessive alcohol consumption is the modernized version of entertainment. Alcoholism is a medical condition and as such it is expressed as symptomatic progressive disease. This disease is predominantly diagnosed through adverse effects and behaviors. The adverse effects are based on functioning. Two basic diagnostic criteria are used. Usually alcohol abuse or alcoholism is related with a broad range of psychiatric, medical, social, legal, economic, occupational and family problems. So many of these symptoms are related to the descriptive of stage of dependency. Early signs of the disease include; frequent pursuit of intoxication which progresses into a well established heavy drinking pattern. During these circumstances an individual may blackout, experienced a drastic change in demeanor while consuming alcohol and exhibit impulsive behaviors such as anger and unaccustomed violence. Other symptoms include; drunken driving, absence from work, shirking of responsibilities and basically having trouble with the law. In the absence of alcohol dependence acute intoxication can be fatal or cause mental damage. Another symptom is family problems. In most cases individuals suffering from alcoholism may be characterized by divorce, child abuse and neglect, spouse abuse, criminal behaviors and welfare dependence. The problem is even more worsened if the alcoholics themselves strive to conceal and develop a culture of denial even though they can discern the cause of family problems. Fro this reason thousands of people suffering from alcoholism pass unrecognized by health professionals. Medically symptoms may be expressed in the form of alcoholism related diseases such as gastritis, pancreatitis, cirrhosis, neuropathy, cerebral atrophy, Wernicke’s encephalopathy, alcoholic cardiomyopathy, Korsakoff’s dementia, seizures, central pontine myelinolysis, confusion, hallucinations, peptic ulcers, malnutrition and gastrointestinal bleeding (www. mayoclinic. com). A second basic diagnostic criterion relies on the family history of alcoholism. When children from families without any history of . alcoholism are compared with those from families with a history of alcoholism, it is easy to demonstrate the fact that children of alcoholics are at an elevated risk of alcohol abuse, misuse and alcoholism. Moreover, history of alcoholism may also predispose the younger children to other forms of drug abuse, anxiety disorders, conduct problems and a host of psychiatric disorders. All these are predisposing risk factors. Just like any disease, alcoholism can also be mitigated by a set of medical and non medical interventions. Depending on various circumstances, the treatment program may encompass, an evaluation followed by a brief intervention. After this brief intervention the patient will be undertaken though an outpatient program and counseling or in other cases a residential inpatient stays (www. mayoclinic. com). Evaluation is mainly involves the determination of the level of dependence. Residential treatment programs carry out strategies like abstinence, alcoholism support groups (such as alcoholics anonymous), individual therapy and or group therapy, activity therapy, family involvement, educational lectures and in depth counseling programs. Medical interventions mainly include the treatment and management of the alcohol related diseases and disorders. Works Cited Alcoholism. http://www. mayoclinic. com/health/alcoholism Kansal, Kamal Kamal, Kansal. (2004). Homoeopathic Family Kit. B. Jain Publishers, p. 1-5 Powell. (2005). Alcohol. Black Rabbit Books, p. 24-25 Steinglass, Peter. (1988). The Alcoholic Family: Drinking Problems in a Family Context Taylor Francis, p. 30-40 How to cite Alcoholism Culturally, Papers

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Financial Reporting for Decision Making E-Marketing

Question: Discuss about Financial Reporting for Decision Making of E-Marketing. Answer: 1. Jeremy used the website for purchasing his new car Ferrari. It must be noted that the company is concerned with the online classified and advertisement of cars during the financial year. The company also provides software data, financing the sales of cars and other predominant services to its customers. The directors report states that there were several indicators of domestic sales during the financial year, which contributed to the entire business performances of car Key indicators of car during the financial year shows a 7% growth on the revenues of the retailers, which consisted of yields from premium advertisements of products. In addition to this, the company is usually interested in online mode off advertisement operating under the high growth international markets. Speaking about the revenues of its private revenues experienced positive a growth of 8% in the automobile market having strong B2C segments arising out of sale of tyres. According to the directors report the performance is also dependent on the ability of the company to monitor and manage the chief aspects of projects. These projects mainly comprises of upgrading the websites and several other projects comprising of information technology. The reason for disagreement is that after considering both the qualitative and quantitative aspects of directors report, it is evident that Car sales is not a retailer but it is an advertisement company dealing in classified. Its main sources of revenue are exchanges obtained from the differences on the translation of foreign operational functions. 2: The issues that have been identified based on the Jeremys statement are as follows; Financial aspects: Car is a website, which deals in the sales of financial services with fewer amount of investment but high volume of profit margin. The financial aspects of car states that the company generally sells first hand cars to the customers and with the primary aim of promoting its websites ( 2016). Whereas, the Car Max INC is trading in old cars so it may evident that car max is earning more income however, the profit margin is less than the It is because the car sales has low rate of investment with high margin of revenues. Operating aspects: Car max INC sells used cars but car sales on the other hand sell both first hand and second hand cars to its customer. The issues identified that is that has direct tie up with the car companies therefore; it can provide cars to the customers at low prices. Hence, from the customers perspective is widely accepted for making any purchase decision. Marketing aspects: Car sales consists of websites marketing, as it has the capability to reach more number of customers through the help of internet than that of car max INC which only reaches to the customers who are located nearby to its retail outlets. Therefore, the customers instead of looking around for the price of the cars it can move to the websites to know the price of the cars. Reference list: Frank, J.F. and Pamela, P.P., 2016. Financial Management and Analysis. Kaplan, R.S. and Atkinson, A.A., 2015.Advanced management accounting. PHI Learning., (2016). [online] Available at: [Accessed 17 Jul. 2016]. Strauss, J., 2016.E-marketing. Routledge.